Remineralizing Treatment (fluoride)

We’ll help you keep your teeth clean, healthy, and strong with a fluoride treatment.

Remineralizing Treatment (fluoride)

Demineralization is the first sign of weakness in the enamel of the tooth. It can be the result of poor home care, or an acidic diet. Carbonated drinks (even sugar free) are particularly hard on the teeth. Demineralized teeth are prone to sensitivity and decay, but with the appropriate treatment, can be remineralized and become as solid as your healthy teeth. A demineralized tooth often shows itself as a white line/area along the gum line where plaque often sits.

One of the most common remineralizing treatments is fluoride gel or varnish. Rinses for home use are also available. There are also fluoride (behind the counter) toothpastes available to help. If you notice white lines along the gum line, early treatment may avoid a filling. Give our office a call and we will assess the situation for you. Don’t wait until it hurts, that would be a sign it has advanced to the cavity stage.


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