Tooth Coloured Dental Fillings

We’ll help you repair cavities and restore your mouth to full function without the use of mercury or unattractive fillings.

Tooth Fillings (tooth colored)

A cavity/decay left untreated, eventually cause extensive damage to the tooth, and potentially cause the root to be infected. Generally a cavity won’t hurt until it is quite deep. However, if the cavity is caught early, we can treat it with a simple filling, typically in one appointment.

If a cavity is shallow, we can often fix the tooth with out anesthetic, using our laser instead of the drill. If it’s deeper, we will generally use a bit of anesthetic to numb the area, then remove the decayed or broken portion.

A tooth colored filling material will be used to reshape the tooth. The filling is applied in layers and hardened with a special light. The final layers are shaped and polished to restore the tooth’s appearance and function.

  • Numbness from anesthetic may last approximately two or more hours.
  • Be cautious not to bite lip, cheek or tongue.
    The bite should be assessed in the first 48 hours. If not balanced it should be adjusted as the filling will not ‘wear down’.
  • After the numbness is gone you should feel you are biting evenly on both sides. If you seem to hit one side first the filling should be adjusted as the filling will not ‘wear down’. Please call the office to arrange a quick appointment. No anesthetic will be required for the adjustment.
  • It is normal to have sensitivity to cold this will dissipate over time.
  • There should be no throbbing or constant pain.
  • The tooth should feel smooth to the tongue.
  • Many insurance companies do not pay for this procedure fully.


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