We’ll help you replace missing with a dental bridge.


A bridge replaces one or more missing teeth, but is permanently fixed in the mouth. You do not need to remove it either to clean it or at night. It is more stable than a partial denture. It will look, feel and function like a natural tooth.

A bridge is attached to the teeth on either side. It involves preparing the adjacent teeth for crowns, inlays or onlays (depending on the size of the existing filling). The false tooth is attached to these crowns. At the first appointment the teeth are prepared for the bridge, and an impression taken. A shade will be taken of your remaining teeth so that we can match the color of the bridge to your existing teeth. We will also make you a temporary that same day so that the teeth are protected until we deliver the permanent bridge. In about 10 days the lab will have completed your new bridge and we can permanently bond it in place. It will function like a normal tooth.

Because the teeth are connected you will need to use special floss (Superfloss or a floss threader) or a special brush (proxabrush) to ensure you are able to keep it clean. We will supply you with the appropriate brush/floss at your appointment and ensure you understand how to clean your new bridge.

Dental bridges require two appointments, one for preparation and one for placement of the finished bridge.


The tooth on each side of the space is prepared and an impression is taken. The impression is sent to the lab to custom make your bridge.

A temporary bridge is placed to protect the teeth.


  • Numbness from anesthetic may last approximately two or more hours
  • Avoid chewing gum or sticky food until your next appointment
  • Brush gently, and do not floss in the area or the temporary filling may become loose
  • The teeth and gums may be sensitive. Rinse with warm salt water
  • If the temporary bridge comes off, please call the office to have it replaced, or the teeth may shift causing the bridge to fit incorrectly.

Final placement

The bridge is placed and checked for tight contacts, good fit, correct bite and adequate aesthetics. The bridge is permanently bonded in place.


  • These teeth may be temperature sensitive for a few days
  • Brush the bridge like normal teeth
  • Floss under the bridge with floss threaders or super floss
  • The bite should be assessed in the first 48 hours. If it does not feel
  • balanced it should be adjusted as the bridge will not ‘wear down’


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