Teeth Whitening Vancouver

We’ll help you brighten your smile by 2-6 shades with in office teeth whitening.

Teeth Whitening Vancouver

At Royal Centre Dental Group your downtown Vancouver dentist recommends take-home teeth whitening. We construct custom fitted whitening trays for you after taking a set of impressions. When you return to pick up your custom trays we will review the process of whitening with you.

Typically clients will use the trays once a day for 30 minutes, over 2-3 weeks. For stubborn discolorations, or if you’re in a rush to whiten for a special event, you can safely use it twice a day or for more days.

For clients who experience sensitivity when whitening, the trays are great as a delivery system for desensitizing solutions as well. Ask our hygienists if this is a concern for you.

Should you find over the coming months/years that the shade is starting to fade back, your trays may be used again.  Additional whitening syringes may be purchased at a nominal charge. This is the big bonus when compared to the high cost of returning to the office for an in-office touch up that would generally involve repaying the full cost of whitening.


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