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There are several questions you should be asking before and after dental visits. The first questions you ask will be aimed at determining whether you and your prospective downtown dentist will be a good fit. For example:

  • What does your local downtown dentist charge for a normal check-up? What will an X-ray cost? And though all fillings are slightly different, what can you expect to pay for a fairly average filling? Cost won’t be only selection criterion, but some dentists are so much more expensive than others, that asking these questions could prove very worthwhile.
  • If you have medical insurance or a health plan that covers dental work, you need to know whether your dentist participates.
  • Another aspect worth checking is whether your dentist has certain specializations. And if not, how will he or she handle the situation if you need you specialist attention?
  • If you suffer from a dental emergency, can your dentist help? What if it happens outside of their regular office hours?
  • Those with busy schedules may also want to know what hours are available for appointments. If taking time off during the week is a problem, for example, you may need a dentist who can help you on a Saturday instead.

Questions that your dental visit should answer

Questions for dentist

Your dentist will probably answer all or most of these questions without being prompted, but in case he or she misses one of these issues, here’s what you need to know after a dental check-up.

  • How healthy is your mouth? It’s not only your teeth that matter, but also your gums, tongue and palate.
  • Is there anything you should be doing for healthier teeth and gums?
  • You should also ask if there’s anything you should be discussing with your family doctor or informing him or her of.
  • You can also ask your doctor if your diet and dental hygiene efforts seem to be good enough to maintain your dental health, and if not, what needs to change or can be improved.
  • Very importantly, you need to understand your personal treatment schedule. Are some elements optional rather than necessary? Are some suggestions cosmetic? If you are on a tight budget, you may decide to delay optional and cosmetic interventions in favour of what’s absolutely necessary right now.

Questions to ask about your child’s teeth

Your dentist can help you to look after your child’s teeth. Once again, a good dentist will probably volunteer all the necessary information, but you should ask about any specific concerns you may have. These could include:

  • Asking for tips to ensure that your child really is cleaning their teeth properly.
  • Getting advice on how to persuade reluctant children to clean their teeth.
  • Advice on a diet that will help your child’s teeth to develop as well as possible.
  • The dentist’s opinion on your child’s dental development – do there seem to be any potential problems developing, and if so, how and when would they be treated?

Ensuring that your questions are answered means you won’t be left with any niggling doubts and will help you to care for your teeth and your children’s dental health better.

Any other questions?

Your dentist is there to answer any dentally related questions you may have, from giving advice on mouth rinses, toothbrushes and toothpaste to discussing your treatment alternatives and what they will entail. If you have any questions at all, just fire away!

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