Psychological Benefits Of Whiter Teeth

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While most of us agree that a whiter smile is simply more attractive, you might not realize that a whiter smile actually comes with many health benefits, including psychological benefits.

If you had been considering getting your teeth whitened, but have been hesitating, this is what a whiter smile can do for you.

Better Self-Confidence:

Anytime you talk or smile, the appearance of your teeth is going to be on display. Coffee-stained teeth often result in hesitation when it comes to smiling as big as you can. With whiter teeth, you will feel more confident about your smile and exude a much higher level of self-confidence.

Younger Appearance:

Yellowed and dingy-looking teeth are often associated with age. Teeth do naturally yellow the older we get. As a result, when you have whiter and fresher looking teeth, you will have a more youthful appearance. You will also seem healthier as darker teeth can be a sign of health issues or substance abuse.


When you see people in the street, at work, or anywhere for the first time, when you flash your bright, white smile, strangers are going to naturally have a more positive first impression of you. They are more likely to smile back and some will even compliment your beautiful smile. A stranger’s response to you can also help improve how you feel about yourself.

Build Success:

Just as strangers will automatically have a more positive opinion of you, you are more likely to succeed at work when you have a radiant smile. Studies have shown that an unattractive smile can actually damage a person’s work reputation whereas a brighter smile can help boost your clients’, boss’s, and coworkers’ opinions of you, giving you a more positive workspace, making it much easier to be at work.

Mood Booster:

The happier you are with your teeth, the more likely you are to show them off to other people. Even if you are feeling down, the more that you smile, the better chances you will have to boost your mood. Smiling is a great stress reducer. It actually releases endorphins, which are a kind of happiness booster within your brain. As a result, you will find that you simply feel better.

Better Home Care:

When you have better looking and brighter teeth, you will find yourself more inclined to keep them that way. Many patients who whiten their teeth will increase the amount that they brush and floss and often reduce their intake of red wine and coffee, in an effort to prevent any staining.

Life-Long Happiness:

With the improvement in your career, your interactions with others, and even how you feel about yourself, it should be no wonder that a white, healthy smile can help secure you a lifetime of happiness. You might find that you land the job of your dreams or even meet your soul mate, all due to you showing off your beautiful smile.

If you have been considering going forward with tooth whitening, but haven’t, now is the time to get started. Talk to your downtown Vancouver dentist or hygienist at your next cleaning appoint. Or, schedule a consultation now and find what you can do in order to get a mood boosting, confidence building beautiful white smile.


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