How to Look for a Dentist in Vancouver, BC

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Downtown Vancouver Dentist Search Advice

Looking for a new dentist is not an easy task and it can be very stressful for most of us. There are several aspects you should consider while looking for a Vancouver dentist. You should take your time and find a dentist in Vancouver in advance and not wait till a dental emergency arise!

Things to Look for while choosing a dentist


The dental centre should be close and easily accessible from your house or workplace. That will ensure that you will arrive on time for your dental appointments, will not waste time while getting to see your downtown Vancouver dentist (such as RCDG) and you will also lose one excuse why not to have a general check-up done!

Opening Hours & Scheduling

Most of us work 9-5 jobs so you want to make sure that the opening hours of the dental centre are compatible with your work & personal schedule. For that reason a lot of dental centres offer extended evening hours and weekend appointments. Regarding scheduling an appointment there are usually several options available. Phone, email, request form or more and more popular online booking. The biggest advantage of the online booking is the fact that you can book your dental appointment online 24/7 and you are not limited by the opening hours. And from our experience 50% of the online bookings are done outside of the office hours! You can also see free time slots for each dentist. This is also very convenient when you are experiencing a dental emergency and need to see an emergency dentist in Vancouver ASAP.

Type of dentist you are looking for

What kind of dental procedure are you looking for? Different dental offices might offer different dental services. Are you looking for a Vancouver cosmetic dentist because you need a cosmetic dental procedure such as dental implants, teeth whitening or porcelain veneers? Or do you need a root canal treatment and want to get the best care as possible? Then you should look for an endodontist! Are you experiencing a dental emergency? Check out the clinic’s website if they offer the same day appointments or online scheduling where you can see when the dentists are available!

Personal Comfort

Feeling comfortable and relaxed with your Vancouver dentist is a crucial part of your relationship. Is the dentist and staff friendly? Do they take time to hear and answer all of your concerns? Is the office clean and the atmosphere welcoming? Are you comfortable sharing your personal information and concerns with your dentist?

Cost and Insurance Accepted

Does the dental centre accept your insurace? What payment options do they offer to their patients? MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, Debit, Cheque or Cash? Does your insurance cover the dental procedure that you are going to undergo? Does the dental clinic bill the insurance company directly or will you have to pay them and then claim the money back from your insurance provider?

How & Where search for a downtownVancouver dentist?

Search Online

Searching for a dentist in Vancouver online is a fast and convenient way of finding a good dental professional. It allows you to find dental offices in your neighborhood, on your street, read the reviews or visit their website and learn more about services they provide and read dentists’ bio.

  • Go to Google and search for dentist, cosmetic dentist, endodontist (root canal specialist) etc. + location (city, neighborhood, street)
  • Visit the website and learn more about services, read dentists’ bio, find what insurance the office accept and what payment options they provide
  • Go to clinic’s Google+ page and Yelp profile and read the reviews and check out the pictures!
  • Book your appointment online or call the clinic to schedule your visit!


Family members, friends and colleagues are a great source of information. Ask them about their dentist. Whether or not he is accepting new patients (at Royal Dental Centre we are always accepting new patients!), how they are satisfied with the dental care they receive and what services the dentist provide! Dental offices also sometimes offer referral incentives so your friend or family member might get something in return from the office from referring you!


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