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Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and smiled? The sight you see can either bring you joy or heartache. Because your smile plays a vital role in your day-to-day life, it is devastating when it is not as attractive as you would have hoped for. But does that mean that there is no hope? Most definitely not! Cosmetic dentistry is on the rise and the results nowadays are remarkable. There are many different techniques to improve different aspects of a smile. A full smile makeover usually includes a combination of things that will improve the overall look of your smile. Obviously, some are more intensive than others but these are some of the procedures that they made include:

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Teeth Whitening

This is something that everyone will most likely want done. Teeth whitening will enhance the colour of your teeth and make them look more white and shiny. There isn’t any doubt that no one wants to sit with discoloured teeth – whether they are yellow, brown or off-white, the teeth will just not look healthy and attractive. There are different methods when it comes to teeth whitening – some just remove dirt and debris off the surface of the teeth and other also use bleach to ensure that the teeth appear white.


This is just one technique used to improve the spacing and alignment within the mouth. The teeth can be straightened and aligned properly with Invisalign. This whole procedure can also be improved with veneers.

Dental Implants

Dental implants, bridges or partial dentures can be life savers for people with missing teeth. But why are missing teeth problematic if they are not visible to the casual onlooker? Gaps in the gums can increase the chance of tooth decay and it can have a negative effect on your bite.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding will be used when teeth are chipped or cracked. Bonding will help improve the overall appearance of the smile. Another thing that can be done in a full smile makeover is the re-countering of a gummy smile.

Not Just the Teeth

There is more included in a smile than just the teeth. The gums are extremely important too, as well as the jaw muscles. These things all play a vital role in maintaining a gorgeous smile. In a full smile makeover, your dentist will decide which procedures will suit you the most. The combination will be determined by what you would like to improve.

A full smile makeover is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Instead of going in to the dentist for each separate problem, this allows you to get it all sorted at once. However, the procedure might not be completed in one single sitting. It is nice for the patient who will no doubt get a detailed explanation of how the dentist is going to proceed and what exactly is going to be done. This new smile that is created can last for many years to come. Your smile is an investment, there is no doubt about it. Start your investment today!


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