Why Dental Implants?

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If you find yourself embarrassed to flash your smile due to a missing or damaged tooth, or are sick of dealing with the hassle of dentures, dental implants might just be the solution for you. Easy to maintain, a dental implant is a natural looking and feeling alternative to damaged teeth or wearing dentures.

Dental Implants are the way to go

dental implant

As a whole, a dental implant is a replacement false tooth that is placed in your mouth just like a real tooth. The portion that is actually implanted into the jawbone is a post called the implant, typically titanium, which acts essentially as a root. Just as a real root doesn’t show, this one won’t either because a connector piece called an abutment is used to attach a crown, which is a custom replacement tooth, to the implant. The implant then fuses with your jawbone, making it as strong and sturdy as natural teeth.

Maintaining Implants is as easy as can be

Dental implants are cared for much like a real tooth! You can floss, rinse, and brush just as you do the rest of your teeth, all without the possibility of a cavity. Your downtown dentist will check up on it at routine cleanings, and periodically will make adjustments as needed. No need to remove and soak before bed like dentures!

A dazzling smile with dental implants

Not only are they designed to match the rest of your teeth, they also help to maintain your facial structure. Missing teeth can lead to your face sagging, and dental implants prevent this from happening. The only thing you’ll have to worry about now are the laugh lines you’ll have from all the smiling you’ll be doing!

Long lasting results

With the proper care, a dental implant can easily last a lifetime. This means you won’t have to go to another denture fitting, or deal with a short term solution like a bridge. And while it is there, it also helps to keep surrounding teeth long lasting, as it maintains a healthy jawbone by stimulating growth and preventing any bone deterioration.

You’ll hardly even notice they’re in your mouth

The natural feel of a dental implant keeps your everyday life uninterrupted from the inconveniences of other alternative including dentures. Your teeth aren’t going to shift mid conversation, you don’t need to put minty glue into your mouth each day and you can eat all your favorite foods without discomfort. You also won’t have to adjust to speaking with a foreign object in your mouth, as it feels just like the rest of your teeth.

There are many things to consider when deciding to solve your dental issues with an implant, but the benefits are many and leave you with the smile you were waiting to flash. After the initial procedure, it’s almost like you were never missing a tooth. The process has been around for decades and is a safe and common surgery that leaves your mouth healthier than it was before. Talk to us about it, we’d be happy to answer your questions and see if dental implants are the solution to your dental needs.

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