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Are you experiencing a dental emergency but you are unsure what to do? Does your injury require immediate emergency dental treatment or it can wait till the next scheduled appointment? Can the damage be permanent if you are not treated right away? In this article your downtown Vancouver dentist Royal Centre Dental Group will help you recognize situations that require immediate emergency dentist’s attention and how to avoid teeth injuries.

Emergency Dentist Appointments in Vancouver, BC

Key facts about dental emergency situations

We risk breaking our teeth every day while doing common things such as eating, exercising or playing sports. That is why everybody should be familiar with the most common situations that require visit of an emergency dentist. Ignoring a tooth injury might result in more serious problems and more expensive treatment later on. Even if it does not hurt a lot any tooth or gum injury should not be ignored. The nerves might be also damaged and the infection could spread to your neck and cause you more serious problems. So proper evaluation and immediate reaction are two key factors in the case you injure your tooth or teeth.

How do I know if it is an emergency or if it can wait? The simple rule says: If it hurts and it prevents you from eating or sleeping, it is an emergency and you should not hesitate and visit an emergency dentist in Vancouver as soon as possible to avoid further complications. If you are in downtown Vancouver, and you are looking for a Vancouver emergency dentist – Royal Centre Dental Group is here to help! We try our best to see you on the same or following day. Our Vancouver dentists have a lot of experience with dental emergency cases. In some cases we will be able to remedy the problem in one visit. In some cases a follow-up visit might be required for a complete treatment.

Can I avoid a dental emergency?

Even though you risk breaking your teeth while doing daily activities such as eating or doing sports you can still take precautions to eliminate the risk of breaking or injuring your teeth or gums. You can do it by wearing mouth-guards while playing sports, biting carefully on hard food or having your teeth checked-up regularly by your dentist in downtown Vancouver to ensure you have strong and healthy teeth.

Here is the list of most common emergency injuries that require emergency dentist’s attention

Knocked Out Tooth

If your tooth gets knocked out, it is vital to visit an emergency dentist or any emergency facility right away. Gently clean the knocked out tooth and if possible try to place it back into the socket. Place a piece of fabric onto it and gently bite to keep it in place. If you cannot place the tooth back to the socket, put it in the glass of milk so it does not dry.

Broken or Cracked tooth

If you break your tooth and it starts swelling, rinse your mouth with hot water to clean the area and put an ice-bag on your mouth to reduce the swelling. See an emergency dentist immediately. If you just chipped a smaller portion of your tooth, it might not be necessary to see a dentist on the same day. However, you should schedule an appointment and learn more about treatment options.


Toothache is the most common situation that happens and it can have several causes. The first step is to rinse your mouth with hot water. You should also use a dental floss to get the rid of lodged food between your teeth. If the toothache persists, schedule an appointment with your dentist.

Dental injuries are very uncomfortable but if handled properly and immediately you tooth can be often saved! In case you are experiencing a dental emergency and are in Vancouver, you can call 604-683-8100 and schedule an appointment with your Vancouver emergency dentist at Royal Centre Dental Group.


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