About Our Downtown Vancouver Dentists

Dr. Ken Phillips

Dr. Ken Phillips

Dr. Ken Phillips is a general dentist at RCDG. Originally from Montreal, he graduated from Dalhousie Dental School in 1987, eventually moving west. He founded the Royal Centre practice in 1990. Now, when he’s not cycling the highways and byways of the province, or studying the latest developments in dentistry, he can be found here in Vancouver working Monday-Thursday with his long time staff.

Dr. Phillips has taken a particular interest in aesthetic and laser dentistry over the years, taking advanced training courses in a variety of areas. He has been mentored by oral surgeon Dr. Ken Blankstein, and now performs most of his own surgical extractions.

Dr. Ryan Bernhauser

Dr. Ryan Bernhauser is an experienced general dentist at RCDG. He graduated in 2004 from dental school in Saskatchewan and didn’t hesitate when the opportunity to practice away from the cold and snow arose. Dr. Bernhauser has chosen to advance his skills in the area of endodontics (root canals), laser dentistry and orthodontics/ Invisalign®.

Together, the team at RCDG works Monday thru Saturday to accommodate your busy schedule. They look forward to working with you to provide the treatment and information you need to keep you smiling and healthy. They are both happy to accept the referral of your friends, family and colleagues – your trust is our greatest compliment. Thank you for considering us to be your dentist in downtown Vancouver, BC!

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